Monday, August 23, 2010

Love of Work

It's been a blessing not having the hardest time finding a regular, office job. Many thanks to our outsourcing partners from across the world, mainly the U.S. The business process outsourcing (BPO) and the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) sectors have recovered and are still thriving in our country, after the economic downturn brought about by the the global financial crisis that affected mostly developed countries. Since developing countries such as ours are greatly dependent on the economy of the industrialized nations, let's be grateful for the above average-paying jobs that we're enjoying right now, while we still can.

I've had the privilege to work in various segments of the outsourcing industry: abstracting/indexing, call center, marketing, transcription, SEO (search engine optimization), and now in web advertising. What's good in most of the companies I've worked with is the higher-than-average compensation they award to employees, even to the undergrads. One just needs to have above average English communication skills, good technological know-how (computer, Internet proficiency), ability to handle all types of customers well, and most especially, good health and willingness to work in graveyard shifts, weekends, and holidays. If you have these basic job requirements, then you're good to go.

If one is more after the compensation and the fringe benefits, then working in this industry won't be a problem at all. But, like everything else in this chaotic world that we live in, there is a downside to it.

Just last night, I watched a local TV show for kids. The episode was about teaching kids the importance of going to school. There was also this guest who played the part of a high school or a college student (it was unclear to me) who's not serious about her studies and insisted that she can just stop going to school and instead work in a call center right away. Since it is a comedy show, that character of course doesn't have the skills needed to pass as an agent. She has very poor English skills and...totally dumb.

The show has not only successfully imparted to the audience the importance of a diploma. It has also sent a message to skeptics and idealists that working in the BPO sector, particularly in a call center, is not only for undergrads or underachievers or is not only for fresh graduates to get their experience from. It's not that I am against people who dream big. It's just that I'm saddened by some who belittle this kind of work and the people who thrive in it. I got offended by some co-workers who asked me why I stay in this kind of environment, given I graduated from a prestigious university. Well, I never answered them. Why not? Because they would never truly understand and they are not aware of the circumstances behind my decision, and are not open-minded enough to have respect for others who are serious about their jobs. They are still young and idealistic, good for them. No one is stopping them from achieving their dreams. Maybe a little respect and a bit of appreciation for the job that feeds them is what they have to show.

One is not entitled to look down on the job that pays them well, and then brag about making it big to someone who holds the same job as his. Empty words, empty brain. Pure yabang.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Blog Again

Last blog entry: December 2009. Date today: August 21, 2010. Whew! Less than four months to go and it will be a year without writing anything!

This is sooo me. Things that I need to do are just piling up undone. I even make a list of things that I wanna accomplish before this year ends: important things such as making more money, starting a T-shirt or accessories business or any business at all!, opening a savings account (like I can manage to save some bucks), going to the gym, reading more books, blogging more, etc., etc., etc.... They are still...just plans.

Why am this way? Most of my extra time are spent Facebook-ing, watching movies on my laptop, listening to music, drinking beer and having fun with my friends from work, attending gigs... It's not that I don't need these simple pleasures in life. I DO. After working hard meeting quotas and doing reports in the office, plus other work-related stress, every day of the work week, I would really need good food, great music, and two to four bottles of ice-cold San Mig light. :) Well, at least every pay day.

Reality is--- I need to really grow up and face my responsibilities. I'm still entitled to drinking and partying, but every bottle of beer and pulutan would be more worth it if I have accomplished something important, something outside of work. Pushing myself to do what I've been meaning to do for the longest time is not easy for me. Especially since most of the time, exhaustion from working overtime engulfs me. I admit to being lazy most of the time. And I confess that most of the time I just waste on bad thoughts, ending up mad for no reason, and then -- away na ito, if you know what I mean.

What to do...what to do...

A simple task as a start... blogging regularly.

And I hope from there I would learn gradually how to spend my time on more meaningful and fulfilling activities. Hoping that each week, I could accomplish something that I could be proud of.

I hope.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vampire or Werewolf?

Twi-hards. Twilighters. Crazy but cute new words coined for "Twilight" saga fans or die-hards. It can't be denied that almost every girl here and in other parts of the world is dying to fall in line to watch "Twilight" on its first showing week. Just imagine the crowd of Twilighters that turned out in cinemas on the film's first showing night. I, myself, wanted to watch it on the first night if not for my kill-joy friend (peace!) who talked me into realizing the absurdity of the idea. Why absurd? Because, according to her, a ticket is sold for 300Php, a big deal for us hard-working girls who pay our own bills. Well, she's always right. Then I got a little depressed afterwards.

Don't be misled. I'm not a Twilighter. I haven't read a single book in the series. It's just that vampires have fascinated me ever since I can remember. It's the way they look at you...their eyes are like golden magnets pulling you into their arms...seducing you...making you plead for them to pierce your throbbing neck with their fangs and suck your sweet blood and take you to heaven or hell, it doesn't matter anymore. This is my favorite part in vampire stories. My heart beats so fast just thinking of being 'kissed' by a vampire.

But then, there's also the werewolves. The first time I saw the teaser and the half-naked body of the new and improved Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob Black, my jaws dropped, literally. He looks so delicious now. He worked so hard to get that body to die for. And he cut his hair, too. Cute.

Vampires vs. Werevolves. Vampires are much more sophisticated and mysterious and powerful. But werewolves definitely look stronger and hotter. Well, in this movie, they do look sexier and fiercer. Sorry, my dearest Edward Cullen. Besides, if girls would be surveyed on who they like more, I believe most would choose Edward over Jacob. I loved Edward in "Twilight" because he's my ideal guy back in high school. Silent-type, mysterious, cute, and best of all, he's always there to save you like Superman. What more could you ask for?

Well, I still have to see "New Moon" before I can decide if I still like vampires over werewolves (hhmm...the equally hot Lycans in "Underworld" just popped into my head). Oh, it's so hard to choose between hot, hot, hot creatures of darkness...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Online Job Hunt

In a bid to look for a full-time job, it's been a part of my daily routine to check job postings online, particularly on and Keywords that I use include csr, call center, email, chat, non-voice, back office, abstractor, and just recently, editor, writer and proofreader. Why these keywords? Because these jobs can be found in the booming call center, BPO (business process outsourcing) and KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) industries. I, myself, have been in the BPO, or more like KPO, industry for over five years now. Then there's also the rise of the home-office, allowing people to work in the comfort of their homes. I am lucky to have a home-based job that pays well and does not eat much of my time, and which also gives me a lot of room to accommodate a regular, full-time job in the office.

There's really a lot of job openings in call centers that multiplied so fast and are now scattered all across the Philippines. A good thing for our employment situation. Even undergraduates are welcome to apply and enjoy a high salary even in an entry-level position, plus attractive benefits and great incentives. If you are fluent in English, have a pleasing personality, does not flare up easily, have good typing skills, can navigate the Internet and proficient in Microsoft Office and other applications, are able to multitask, and not to forget, are amenable to work on shifting schedules, graveyard shift, weekends and holidays, then, you're in. Kudos to all those who work in the call center because it is not an easy job as others see it. There's a lot that they sacrifice for the sake of their work as well, such as the normal night out with friends, important social and family gatherings usually held at night, and time with the family during special holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Do I wish to work in a call center? Yes and no for the reasons that I mentioned above.

Friday, November 20, 2009


It's not way past my bedtime yet. It's only 10:35 pm as I write this entry. Drooping eyelids, blurry vision, lack of strength to lift my butt up from my bed to brush my teeth and wash my face and down there before I go to sleep are the symptoms telling my mind and body that they've done enough for the day. Time to go to sleep. Go to sleep! Easier said than done. I envy other people who have no problem taking that much needed rest. There are even those who can take a 5-minute 'power nap' while at work and on the phone with a customer and feel energized afterwards (sounds familiar?). Lucky, lucky you.

Researchers say we need at least eight hours of sleep. Take note of the word 'least' here. Now, here is my problem: Lately, I've been having a hard time falling asleep even if I'm exhausted to the bones, physically or mentally, or both. Like right now. I ended my day yesterday at around 3am, additional three hours to TODAY already, and woke up at 7am. Four hours or so of restless sleep. My body is still tired. My mind not as sharp as it should be. Unfinished home work. Untouched dirty laundry. Messy room. Greasy face. Bad breath.

So, why is this happening to me lately? Perhaps because there are so many things running through my mind. Work. Relationships. Things that matter. Leaving me always in contemplation, consciously and more sub-consciously. Thinking tirelessly... but doing nothing about the things that have been bothering me. Don't want to say whatever those are yet.

For now, as in after I write this entry, I have to push myself to do what I have to do and stop imagining that I'm done doing it. Get up from the bed, brush my teeth, wash my face and body, tidy up my room a bit, especially my bed, lie down, close my eyes, shut my mind. Sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a hot cup of coffee to start my day right.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wannabe

I'm a fake. Surely feels like one. This is my second attempt at starting a blog. The first time I did it, I stayed up for hours thinking of a decent topic to write about and ended up with nothing but a blog title and poor layout. And then I decided I didn't have what it takes to even write about what I felt at the time. I remember I was feeling low (as usual), and having this strong urge to pour out my deepest, darkest thoughts, the high-tech way, for active members of the online community to read and dismiss as blah. Maybe that's why I chose the title "Confessions" for my blog. On second thought, maybe I just couldn't fathom the idea of other people not that close to me to read my revealing entries. Well, it's just a matter of changing the privacy settings, right? Darn, a loooong way to go before I can have a full grasp of this blogging mania that every Internet savvy and opinionated dude and dudette is doing. With perseverance and lots of help from my blogger friends, perhaps I could pass as one?


My guru, the goddess of the night sky, once told me to believe in something, and it will manifest. Confidence is what I lack. So please come to me, my long lost friend. I'm losing many great opportunities without you in my life.

This effort is not just because I want to be "in". This is a need. For a not-too-young girl who is finding it hard to understand who she is or what she wants in her life, this is a great way to reach out for help from friends and strangers as well.

Will this do for a first timer? Feedback encouraged :)