Friday, November 20, 2009


It's not way past my bedtime yet. It's only 10:35 pm as I write this entry. Drooping eyelids, blurry vision, lack of strength to lift my butt up from my bed to brush my teeth and wash my face and down there before I go to sleep are the symptoms telling my mind and body that they've done enough for the day. Time to go to sleep. Go to sleep! Easier said than done. I envy other people who have no problem taking that much needed rest. There are even those who can take a 5-minute 'power nap' while at work and on the phone with a customer and feel energized afterwards (sounds familiar?). Lucky, lucky you.

Researchers say we need at least eight hours of sleep. Take note of the word 'least' here. Now, here is my problem: Lately, I've been having a hard time falling asleep even if I'm exhausted to the bones, physically or mentally, or both. Like right now. I ended my day yesterday at around 3am, additional three hours to TODAY already, and woke up at 7am. Four hours or so of restless sleep. My body is still tired. My mind not as sharp as it should be. Unfinished home work. Untouched dirty laundry. Messy room. Greasy face. Bad breath.

So, why is this happening to me lately? Perhaps because there are so many things running through my mind. Work. Relationships. Things that matter. Leaving me always in contemplation, consciously and more sub-consciously. Thinking tirelessly... but doing nothing about the things that have been bothering me. Don't want to say whatever those are yet.

For now, as in after I write this entry, I have to push myself to do what I have to do and stop imagining that I'm done doing it. Get up from the bed, brush my teeth, wash my face and body, tidy up my room a bit, especially my bed, lie down, close my eyes, shut my mind. Sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a hot cup of coffee to start my day right.

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  1. I guess I'm one of those people who have no problem falling asleep albeit problems left and right hehe! Hope you're feeling better, my friend. We can do this!